Repo Info Extractor Introduction

If you want to manually extract data from a Git repository this is the tool you have to use. It has two parts: repo_info_extractor (core) and multi_repo_info_extractor (optional)


It is the same implementation we use to automatically extract data from GitHub or GitLab repositories. It gets commit related data from one Git repository for a given author and saves it to a JSON file. If you want to try it see the installation guide here.

If you have multiple repositories it is not very convenient to use the repo_info_extractor. This is why we created the multi_repo_info_extractor.


It is a wrapper around the repo_info_extractor. If you want to use it first you have to set up the repo_info_extractor

How does it work?

  1. It gets the list of repositories from the given source. It can be used with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket but easy to extend with any repository hosting service
  2. Downloads the repositories
  3. Uses the repo_info_extractor to extract data from the repositories
  4. Uploads the result to CodersRank

What data is extracted exactly:

  • Remote URL (hashed)
  • Email, the username of the commit author (hashed)
  • Commit hash
  • Programming language of the changed file
  • Lines added and removed
  • Detected libraries
  • filename (hashed)
  • Date and time of the commit