Work Experience Widget

Codersrank Work Experience Widget is a web component that allows you easily integrate work experience information from your CodersRank profile to your personal website:

Install from NPM

Widget script available through NPM:

npm i @codersrank/work-experience --save

After installation you need to import and register web component:

import CodersrankWorkExperience from '@codersrank/work-experience';
// register web component as <codersrank-work-experience> element
window.customElements.define('codersrank-work-experience', CodersrankWorkExperience);

Install from CDN

Widget can also be downloaded or linked directly from CDN:

<!-- replace x.x.x with actual version -->
<script src=""></script>

In this case it is not required to register web component, it is already registered as <codersrank-work-experience> element.


As it is a web component the usage is pretty simple, just add widget HTML tag with your CodersRank username

<codersrank-work-experience username="YOUR_USERNAME"></codersrank-work-experience>

Widget Attributes

Widget supports following properties as HTML element attributes:

usernamestringYour CodersRank username
logosbooleanfalseEnables company logos
max-itemsnumberLimit number of work experiences to display
gridbooleanfalseEnables grid layout. Number of columns is configurable with --grid-columns CSS variable
brandingbooleantrueDisplays "Powered by CodersRank" link

For example:

<codersrank-work-experience username="YOUR_USERNAME" logos></codersrank-work-experience>


It is possible to customize widget colors with CSS Custom Properties (CSS Variables) by setting them directly on the widget element with style attribute or in CSS.

There are following CSS Custom Properties are available:

--tag-bg-colorrgba(0, 0, 100, 0.075)
--tag-padding0.35em 0.57em

For example, to change work experience title color to purple and font-size to 20px, add this to CSS stylesheet:

codersrank-work-experience {
--title-text-color: purple;
--title-font-size: 20px;

Use As Image

It is also possible to insert Work Experience widget as an image. It is useful in places where you can't integrate web component, or for example on your GitHub profile page.

Image URL is the following:

It accepts all widget attributes as query string parameters, plus one extra parameter:

widthnumber800Width of widget element (generated image). Note that generated image has @2x pixel density, so the PNG image will be actually generated in @2x size from the one specified here
stylestringstyle attribute value (here you can specify all CSS variables)

For example:


Note that you need to URL Encode some of the characters, for example # should be %23 and #ff0 color should be specified as %23ff0 in query.


Yes please! See the contributing guidelines for details.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.